Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bundle Up With A Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag!

For year round comfort and sweet dreams, Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag gives your little one room to move around safely. No blankets or sheets for baby to get tangled in. Just the world's most comfortable sleep sack! Your baby will not wake up cold or uncomfortable. It is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradeable. Each sleep bag is crafted from New Zealand's finest pure unbleached merino wool. The outer layer is all-natural fine Pima cotton for extra durability to withstand toddler wear and tear. Perfect for babies 3-18 months, each sleep sack offers room to grow!
Merino fabric is naturally fire resistant. When exposed to flame, the material does not melt and stick to skin like synthetic fabrics. "Made entirely of natural fiber, and fastened with nickel-free press studs, the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag is safe to use for babies with allergies, eczema and sensitive skin. Merino fiber is naturally fire resistant and you can rest assured the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag has not been treated with fire retardant chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin." It can be machine washed and tumble-dried on a low heat setting. Merino is naturally resistant to stains and odors, and it does not require frequent washing if aired regularly. The Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag can be used not only at home but also for venturing outside the house. You will love the convenience of the innovative safety belt aperture, which allows your baby to wear their sleep bag safely in a child car seat or stroller, making it easy for you to transfer them asleep to and from their crib. There is no need to pack blankets and layers of clothing for the trip, and your baby will associate their sleep bag with bedtime, allowing them to settle easily in unfamiliar surroundings.

The air temperature in your nursery will often fluctuate as heating or air conditioning switches on and off. Babies can take up to a year to fully develop the capability to regulate their own body temperature. Just a few degrees of variation in room temperature can cause them to wake up cold or overheated. Merino fabric has the ability to regulate a baby's body temperature to compensate. "It captures and circulates air to insulate your baby when the room temperature falls, and releases excess body heat and moisture as the room temperature rises, to create the perfect micro-climate around your baby's body." The material will readily absorb perspiration and release it into the air to help prevent your baby from overheating and waking up damp. Because overheating is a possible SIDS contributing factor, it is important to be careful when considering sleepwear and bedding for baby. Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bags are incredibly soft next to babies skin. Bundle up your loved one with Merino. Visit Each Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag arrives in it's very own travel bag! Choose from four beautiful designs! Merino Kids baby sleeping bags also available to customers in the UK, Europe and world wide from!


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Merino Kids baby sleeping bags also available to customers in the UK, Europe and world wide from

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