Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nui Water...Drink Up Some Paradise!

Next time your child asks for a drink, forget the sodas and artificial flavors! Nui Kid Water is a delicious alternative, and you will not feel guilty giving it to your child! You will not find any corn syrup, crystalline fructose, cane sugar, caffeine, or artificial chemicals in these drinks! Nui only uses all natural fruit juices and powerful ingredients to provide your body machine with the most fuel efficient energy source possible. Nui contains vitamins A, B, C & D, calcium, electrolytes, fiber, & antioxidants from caffeine-free green tea & 9 fruits. It has a hint of sweetness that everyone loves and it comes only from fruit juice, but a serving has 1/2 the sugar of apple juice and a similar sugar level as milk. Give your kids the very best! Comes in the new Nui EcoPak™ bottle uses 75% less plastic and 75% less energy to produce. It's fully recyclable and has a cool reclosable sport top. Best of all, it's BPA FREE! In flavors Outrageous Orange, Raging Red, Purple Power, and new flavors Booyah Blue, Solid Gold, and Sublime Green! Pack your child's lunch and add this thirst quenching treat! Nui will give them a boost of energy to get them through their day! Visit! Don't forget the Curse Of The Bone Pirates, the first ever eco-fiction kids book! Nui Kids Water-its safe for adults with kid supervision!

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