Friday, October 31, 2008


"SilkSation developed SilkSac. SilkSac is not only a luxury baby sleepwear made with much higher quality material than other sleepsacks on the maket such as Halo Sleepsack or Grobag, but also a unique baby sleeping bag filled with 100% natural silk floss instead of traditional polyester filling. Just as any regular baby sleeping bag, SilkSac is designed to help new born babies to sleep in a safe environment so parents can have peace of mind. In addition, SilkSac is far more superior than other baby sleeping bags as its natural silk floss filling provides a lot of added benefits to the baby. With its incredible comfort and warmth, most of the infants wearing the SilkSac start to sleep through the night as early as 2 months old. Also with SilkSac's innovative removable silk batting design, parents can use the SilkSac on their babies everyday of the year.SilkSacs are designed so that in warm environment, the silk batting layer can be removed so the baby can sleep under thin layers of cotton fabric. In colder environment, simply reinsert the silk batting, and the baby will be wrapped in soft silk bedding, helping her to sleep through the night. The outer layer of the sleeping bag also serves as a protector for the silk batting inside, so only the outer layer needs to be washed and not the silk batting, prolonging the usable life of the silk floss filling."

Review to be posted soon!

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