Monday, November 10, 2008

Binsi, Changing The Look And Feel Of Labor!

BINSI® Labor and Birth Apparel is stylish and practical. The clothes are functional and they will enhance your birthing experience. Ideal for home and hospital use, these separates accommodate all labor positions and medical equipment. They are midwife, doctor, nurse and doula approved and recommended!

Choose the BINSI® Bamboo, made from bamboo and organic cotton and spandex. Or try the PrimaMama Sport, made with cotton and Lycra! All skirts feature front snaps for a more secure fit, that's still easy on, easy off, an adjustable waist grows as you grow, then shrinks back too.
The side slits allow for movement and a super sleek look! You can bend, sit, squat or walk the halls as needed without any extra material in your way.The comfortable under-belly fit accommodates fetal monitoring belts and stays off sensitive skin during contractions. Choose a top to complete the set. You will love the freedom that is not allowed by typical hospital gowns!

Labor is a lot of hard work. Be comfortable for your experience. Binsi skirts and tops are great for pre-natal appointments and yoga too! Visit Be unique, and dress for the occasion!

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