Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bummas! After The Wipe And Before The Dipe!

I use cloth diapers and wipes. After removing a diaper, I use a warm cloth wipe, saturated with Baby Wipe Juice, and squeeze it over my baby's diaper area. Afterwards, I pat him "almost" dry with the damp wipe and patiently wait. Then I apply an herbal talc free powder. But I never really dry him completely. I depend on the powder to soak up the dampness that remains. That was until I discovered Bummas!

Now, instead of fanning and waiting, I can dry him off with a soft cloth! Afterwards, I toss it in the wash with my diapers and wipes. No longer do I depend on expensive powders. Bummas can be used wet and dry. Use one for cleaning and another for drying. Cover up those sprinklers when you remove the diaper to avoid disaster! Pat your baby dry, forget the powder and diaper rash creams! You won't need them. "Keep diaper rash at bay, the Bummas way. After the wipe and before the dipe, use a soft kiss of cloth to dry bums off!"

You can use these with disposables diapers and wipes too! After cleaning, just pat baby dry with one, while you cover the unpredictable part (you know, the automatic sprinkler) with another! Bummas are 100% cotton - woven velour terry cloth. They measure 5"x7". They will not pill, shrink, or fade and they are durable enough to last until your baby is out of diapers. They are packaged in groups of ten, and there are four different sets featuring different color combinations. Great for home and on the go! Visit because, A dry bottom = A happy bottom!

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