Monday, November 10, 2008

SilkSac! Year Round Luxury Sleepwear!

SilkSac, developed by SilkSation, is a sleep sack for baby or toddler filled with luxurious, 100%natural silk floss. SilkSac surrounds your newborn in a safe, comfortable environment to give you peace of mind. SilkSacs can be used everyday. In summer, the silk layer can be removed so that your baby can safely sleep in the comfort of cotton. When the weather turns cooler, simply re-insert the silk batting!

The outer layer also protects the silk within. When the SilkSac needs to be washed, unzip the lining and remove the silk batting. This will prolong the like of the silk! SilkSac is 100% natural & hypoallergenic, reducing your child's chance of allergic reaction. It is a wearable blanket, a safe bedding product recommended by various SIDS Alliance Institutes to reduce the chance of SIDS and provide SIDS prevention. Silk is also naturally fire retardant, making it a great choice of bedding material for kids!

Choose from 4 beautiful designs. Each are available in 3 different sizes. From 0-12 months through 24 months-5 years, SilkSac will keep your children covered! The small Dancing Flowers and ABC are great for travel! They feature a travel slot for the seat belt! This great feature makes transferring a sleeping baby from car seat to crib so much easier! It also allows your little one to travel comfortable, with SilkSac! Visit and check out their fantastic selection! One lucky reader will have a chance to win their very own! Details are listed above!

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