Saturday, October 4, 2008

Uncle Goose - Little Building Blocks

Uncle Goose Blocks are perfect for every child. I remember buying Logan his first set and I was disappointed that I could not find anything but a classic set. They were ordinary and simple, and boring to touch. If you want the best, check out Uncle Goose! The standard ABC blocks are a generous 1¾”. They are cubed and patterned after blocks from the turn-of-the-century. The set of 28 blocks is finely crafted using basswood from the Great Lakes region, and feature a unique animal picture, a number or math symbol, and four letters (two embossed) for a total of four complete alphabets!
These blocks are really special. "The embossing process gives depth and detail to each block and appears to be carved. Actually these designs are pressed into the wood under immense pressure." The edges are beveled to eliminate sharp corners and make the blocks more comfortable to hold. The designs are based on the classic ABC blocks made by the Embossing Company of Albany NY, whose founders, the Hyatt brothers, patented the invention of the embossed ABC block. Uncle Goose blocks pay homage to the first set of American alphabet blocks made by the Hyatt brothers. The blocks are made from child-safe materials, especially non-toxic inks and they are tested regularly and always surpass national and international standards on ink safety! There are several sets to choose from including the ABC blocks, Braille Blocks, Foreign ABC Blocks, Nursery Rhyme Blocks, Groovy Blocks, and Decorative Blocks. Replacement blocks are always free (although you must pay for shipping) which make these blocks even better. Even if your precious pet decides they make a better chew toy, no worries. Visit and purchase an heirloom quality set.

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