Saturday, October 4, 2008

Posh Peacock, Adding The Finishing Touch On Life's Special Occasions

Visiting the Posh Peacock was a unique experience. Reading about the truly talented artist, Christine, was an inspiration. In every project that she takes on, you get the feeling that she pours herself into it. That it means so much more than a sale. She sent us a variety of samples from her collections and we were impressed by the creativity of each piece. She turns paper into tangible memories of the most special events. Works that will be treasured and looked back on for generations to come. Vivid colors and and beautiful art bring smiles and happiness to all.
There is a HUGE selection of prints available. If you are looking for invitations or announcements, stationary or cards, gift tags or even bookmarks, visit Posh Peacock! Custom artwork is available. All you need is a complimentary consultation, estimate and an idea. Bring those ideas to the drawing board and Christine will work her magic.
We were also sent a couple of these beautiful magnets. Pick up enough because you will be removing all of the others that grace your refrigerator door. These magnets were strong enough to hold up those heavier art pieces produced by my 5 year old. So if you have pieces that slip from the grasp of all your other magnets, buy these with confidence!
Head on over to! When you're done, check out her other site, Boston Mamas. I have been a fan for quite some time!

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