Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sleep Soundly

Through the years, I have discovered that there is no better lullaby than a sound machine. A swaddled baby sleeps more soundly with a little noise, and this machine made by DEX features a variety of soft and soothing sounds that can be combined or used alone. Play a Summer Night and the sounds of peeper frogs and insects will sing your baby to sleep. The pitter patter of rain will lull your little angel into dreamland. The babbling brook will drown out any outside noises! My favorite, the gentle ocean waves, will bring tranquility to the nursery. The gentle breeze blows quietly through the trees. The natural sound of the womb is a rhythmic swishing sound: it’s a natural for soothing baby! Or listen to the sound of seagull cries, widely spaced. The delicate bird song is peaceful and light. Hear the distant ringing of the buoy bell. A perfect companion to the ocean sounds. Rumbling thunder and the sound of rain create the perfect storm. Gently whisking your baby off to sleep. Visit and be prepared to sleep more soundly. My Precious Kid has a lot to offer, including everything on your list to keep your baby safe.

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