Thursday, September 4, 2008

A B Sea... One For Baby, But What About Me!

If you only want the best, as most moms do, you must head over to
Pamper your little ones with luxurious 70% silk, and just enough organic cotton to make the fabric washable. Mom friendly, it's naturally wrinkle-resistant, hypoallergenic, and weather-proof. The material breathes, so its perfect for hot and cold weather. These oneseas and twoseas set a new standard for comfort. The silk blend is soft and dreamy and will caress their skin as only the softest materials can. Splurge on a set, or two, or three. Grandmothers, this makes a special gift for the new baby or a toddler. It's a luxury item for sure, but well worth the price. All of their products have the potential to become a favored outfit, and will hold up incredibly well with multiple washings. The available color options remind me of soft sand and warm seas. Blankets, hats, sacs, long oneseas and sweater sets are available.

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