Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Spicy Treat For Your Little One's Skin!

"A baby's skin is about 5 times thinner than that of an adult, and is therefore that much more vulnerable to toxic chemicals. Children's bodies are not equipped to process toxic chemicals and these chemicals have a much more profound effect on growing children than on adults... Not only can toxic chemicals cause problems in a developing child, but there lies the possibility that as adults they can develop chronic disease that may be triggered by early exposures. Exposures sustained early in life, including prenatal exposures, appear more likely to lead to disease than similar exposures encountered later."
I like to treat my children's skin to pure, natural and organic products. Skincare that goes beyond the typical soaps and body care products found in ordinary stores. Nature's Boundaries has exceeded my usual expectations. Nature's Boundaries Little Lamb products are gentle. Perfect for your child's skin! They offer a variety of nurturing products, and our favorite is the wonderful Organic Calendula Lotion. The mildly spicy lotion was far from what you would expect in a baby product, but I could not get enough! It lingered long after use, not like typical lotions and potions with scents that quickly fade. Healing calendula and organic olive oil provide deep nourishment leaving skin baby soft. A wonderful skin soothing treat for all ages! Nature's Boundaries always put safety first so you can feel safe knowing that the products are pure. Visit and check out products for the whole family. You will not be disappointed!

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