Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Therapy For The Senses

The Lano Company has created the most luxurious candle ever! LanoLight is an aromatherapy massage candle that contains pure shea butter, avocado oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, soy bean oil and medical-grade lanolin. Opening the LanoLight Cucumber Melon with Aloe tin instantly releases the aromatic scent of fresh cut melons and sliced cucumbers. A pure delight to the senses! The scent is refreshing and pleasantly lingers long after use. I tested it out before burning, by rubbing a little of the "candle wax" onto my skin. It was soothing and moisturizing. After burning the candle, the shea butter magically melted into my skin and the scent calmed and relaxed me. The candle is simple to use. "The candle is simply lit, allowed to burn down to liquid oil and then extinguished. The distinctive, quick-cool formula allows the oil to be poured directly onto the body without delay for a warm, soothing massage." The Lano Company has taken candles to a new level. Perfect for massages. Also works well on any part of the body that needs a little extra attention and TLC. Cuticles, chapped skin, dryness will be in the past and your skin will glow with youthful radiance. For your own sensory experience, visit Check out their other wonderful products. Sure to become an instant favorite!

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