Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Make Books Even More Special

Want to give your children the perfect gift? The First Adventures of Incredible You is a timeless treasure that will bring joy to their lives forever. Capture true real-life or potential adventures on the colorful pages with familiar places and loved ones near and dear to their hearts. This award winning completely customized book follows the gift recipient from the incredible day the child arrived through many exciting adventures the child has already experienced, or is sure to experience in his or her first few years of life. Take the Virtual Book Tour to try out an adventure. These personalized children's books are perfect for every boy and girl, biological or adopted, any race or nationality, both traditional & non-traditional families. Logan was amazed! He couldn't wait to open the book and relive his fondest memories. He was taken back to favorite vacations to the Outer Banks and NYC. Everyday playground adventures and waking up to daddy's pancakes. Grandpa, Grandma, Grammy, and Sam were all part of his adventures. Your children will fall in love with books and look forward to story time, especially when they are the star! Recommended for ages 0-8. Perfect for any occasion. Use coupon code gb15 to save 15% off all orders placed before October 15,2008. Visit custommadeforkids.com to start your child's very own adventure.

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Welcome! My name is Julie said...

Thank you for the information! I have contacted Bayard and they are sending copies for review!