Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Didn't Want It To End!!!

The After House is a captivating story about a newly divorced mom and daughter. Remy is starting fresh after ending an abusive relationship with her ex. This book really hit home for me. Michael nailed the emotions of what it is like to suffer abuse and I think he did an excellent job conveying those emotions in this book.

Remy and her daughter Olivia turn their 300 year old house into a warm and cozy home. As they try to settle in to their new home, things begin to happen. The old sea captain isn't happy with the changes they are making to his home and he makes his presence known. This old captain is bitter with a haunted past of his own. There are other surprises and mysteries in store for the reader too. Will Remy and the captain be able to weather the storm ahead? Will they heal and move on?

The After House is a great read with some of my favorite characters (from Michael's past books) making another appearance, in addition to new characters that I've grown to love. If you like stories with some thrills and suspense, mystery, paranormal activity, humor and romance, this is the perfect book for you. It is an emotional love story that proves that some bonds are never broken. This is a stand alone book, but if you enjoy it, you will not be disappointed with his other paranormal books! Five stars and many thanks for the chance to read this beautifully written book!

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