Monday, October 20, 2014

How To Rid Your Child's Room Of Monsters...

Monster Scout, a simple and fun iOS game created by Monomyth Studio, is designed to help alleviate children’s bedtime fears of monsters hiding under beds and in closets. As a new addition to any bedtime routine, the Monster Scout app helps to remove fears, lessen anxiety, and promote a take-charge attitude when faced with all things that go bump in the night.

It works by performing a quick smartphone scan of the bedroom with the app, which determines if any creatures are lurking in the shadows.  These creatures range from an illustration of a friendly looking werewolf or vampire, to a cartoonish ghost, mummy, swamp creature, bogey-man! If found, the child is able to push the ‘monster remover’ button to ensure a safe sleeping environment.  This fun app enables children to perceive monsters differently while allaying fears of the dark, which contributes to happier and healthier sleep routines.

With over ten classic creatures rendered in bright colors, this app features parental control settings to allow parents to control which monsters, if any, pop up, the ability to turn off and on individual monsters, a built-in flashlight for searching in dark corners and under beds, playful sound effects, and the ability to share found monsters with a network of friends. Perfect for use at home or on the go in unfamiliar places, Monster Scout empowers families to become their own monster detectives to search out and remove any monsters lingering before bed.

Give it a try and help zap away fears of monsters with a new fun activity before bed!

My youngest is sometimes afraid of what is lurking when I turn off the lights. I use homemade monster spray (a little water and lavender oil) that he sprays before bed to clear the air and rid his room of monsters. It works for him, when we can find where he left it. Sometimes we can't and I have to go in search of a new spray bottle. My youngest also likes to pour it out to make his room or other things smell I am not always thrilled when that happens. Nothing like stepping onto a puddle (or slipping on it-almost as bad as stepping on a Lego) in the middle of the night when I check on him. Monster Scout is a new app that eliminates surprises, and I never misplace it. It is fun to use and my youngest adores it. 

The app scans the room and finds bright, colorful monsters. Your child can remove the monsters with a simple touch of a button. When you get the all clear, you know your child is in for a long night...of blissful, uninterrupted sleep! No more getting out of bed five or ten times asking mom or dad to check every little nook and cranny! This is a fun app. It is perfect for little ones that are afraid of the dark, and even more fun for kids that love to hunt monsters! It enables the parent to set the frequncy of monsters (maybe you'd rather not see any monsters) and even which ones you'd like to avoid. This app is a keeper and I won't be without it while my little one goes through his monster phase! Get it here!

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