Saturday, May 10, 2014

Laura DeLuca's The Forgotten Pharaoh!

I had no idea what I was getting into when I purchased this book. I've read all of Laura's books and I enjoyed each one. This book was a personal favorite. I enjoyed so many aspects of the story. Laura created a clever plot and a great cast of characters. She added in carefully guarded secrets, vampires and ancient history- a great recipe for a great book! The characters were like a group of friends, and I was given the pleasure of knowing each one. Laura DeLuca has a knack for making her characters feel like old friends by the time you finish any of her books. And she keeps getting better and better. Laura added thoughtful twists throughout and left me guessing until the end. Then she wrapped it all up in a pretty package so I wasn't left hanging. If you like archaeology, vampires, romance, ancient history, mummies, or books with a twist, you will not be disappointed. If you don't like any of these things, you may when you finish! I loved it so much I bought my mom a kindle version and a paperback. Next week, I am ordering another paperback for my mother-in-law!

Disclosure. I received a copy of this book, but I did buy my own before receiving the complimentary copy.

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