Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vitacost: The Spice Store!

A while back, Vitacost gave me a store credit and allowed me to shop online in their new spice shop. I had a lot of fun. My husband cooks for me all the time and he got me into cooking after we were married. It has become a family affair because my boys love to create their own meals too! I usually let my oldest create rubs and he enjoys tasting different seasonings. He makes a few dishes on his own. My youngest is only four, but I give him a stool and plenty of no-cook items and I let him make messy desserts. He loves being able to help out!

After shopping at Vitacost and trying a few different products, I have a few favorites that I want to mention. Their Garlic Pepper is something I never want to be without. I use it on almost everything. I use it on bread, steaks, and stews. I've used it on chicken and pork.

I live in the deep south and the only seasonings we can buy here are basic unless we are lucky enough to live close to a health food store. We unfortunately don't have one close by. I order most of our seasonings online and I spend a lot on them every year. We don't use them in moderation. Another favorite blend is Mama Garlic. My husband bought boxes of spices and seasonings with him when he moved from New York to Georgia. This was one of the items in his box and we have purchased it many times over the years.

Vitacost has a wonderful selection of spices and seasonings. The prices are great! Everything was fresh and packed with care!

Disclosure: I was sent a credit to use for a shopping experience. Afterwards, I was sent a basket of products to try. These were our favorites! Honest opinions given. A favorable review was not required.

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