Thursday, February 28, 2013

Have Fun With Your Food!

I love to entertain and host a party as often as possible, but it doesn't happen often enough. It seems we are always busy working on different projects and when we have time, friends and family have projects of their own. At least I have my kids, and I can get creative with their meals from time to time. I enjoy adding a little of the unexpected into everyday life. My kids are thankful I no longer experiment with food. I tortured my brother (and cousin, from time-to-time) with different concoctions when he was little. No, I've moved on to playful gadgets and cutting their sandwiches into different shapes. Lately I've enjoyed using molds for my ice cubes and waiting to see who notices first! Gama Go has a few products that I'd like to use. Their cold fish ice cube trays are fun! I think my kids would love a glass of blue kool aid and these little fish floating around. Making them with fruit juice would also be a great idea. You can use ice cube molds for other things too like Jello and chocolate. Since the mold is flexible, it would be easy to remove whatever you pour into the mold!

I also love their BBQ Guitar Spatula but The Shredder Cheese Grater is the coolest! It may be too cool though. I would probably have to buy more cheese than I do now! I would never have to buy shredded cheese again because my kids would probably fight over wanting to shred the cheese. Maybe I'd have to buy two just to keep the peace. We would probably have to eat cheese on almost everything too just so they could play with the shredder! If you are looking for fun and creative way to put a smile on your kid's face, or if you want to throw a little of the unexpected into your next family meal or party, Gama Go has the tools you need to make it memorable! I hope they continue to come out with more great products. My kids hope they do too!

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