Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bart's Cookies. You've Got To Try Them!!!

I love my job. I get the opportunity to try so many new things. One of my favorite things to review would have to be cookies. We LOVE them. I've had good and bad cookies over the years and I've had a few great cookies. I've never had the best until recently. is the best of the best. My husband even chimed in to give his own opinion. He never does that unless I ask for it. He loves chocolate and peanut butter. Thanks to my little cookie loving kids, he almost missed out! Bart sent me a wonderful package filled with milk chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter milk chocolate chip cookies.

Oh my goodness! The cookies had THE perfect texture. They tasted like they had just come out of the oven (the only thing missing was the warm and slightly melted chocolate) and they were very hard to resist. I decided I would share at a pre-holiday party and I would do a little test! I had to see which cookies would disappear first! Before I shared, my husband managed to get into them and he said they were the BEST peanut butter chocolate chip cookies he's ever had. My husband has a bit of a snobby palate and for him to say that, well, you just need to try them for yourself! I tried one and all I could do was say Mmmmmmmm!

My favorite were The Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were heavenly. It tasted like they used premium chocolate and ingredients. They were so rich and screamed for a glass of milk, which I never want with cookies for some reason. My kids couldn't keep their hands off of them! They even tried to sneak cookies while I was in the kitchen. That's a no no in my house. I guess they thought it was worth the risk!

So I had this party before Christmas and I had already bought an assortment of cookies. I (very) reluctantly decided to share and I opened all the purchased cookies and then I placed a bag of each of my review cookies onto the tray. Bart's Cookies disappeared FIRST! I guess they looked better than the other cookies but then I noticed that those guests went back for another instead of trying a different cookie. So not only did they look better, they tasted better too!

As much as I love cookies, you better believe I'll be buying more in the future. Bart IS The Cookie Man and he's proven it to me and many others! Check out his sweet reviews!

Disclosure: I was sent an assortment of big and little cookies for review. Opinions are mine and not influenced in any way.

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