Thursday, January 31, 2013

Simon Pearce: Chelsea Optic Vase Review

I recently received a gorgeous vase from Simon Pearce. I wasn't familiar with the brand even though I have shopped where some of their items are sold. I love flowers and sometimes I'll pick up a few when I go to the store to brighten things up at home. I have a massive crystal vase and a few that are smaller. I don't use my smaller vases because they are a little too small. The small Chelsea Optic Vase is a little larger than  the smaller vases I have and the quality is amazing! Right now, the vase is on a stand in my dining room. I think I'm going to set my vase in front of a window the next time it's sunny because the sunlight will bring out the beauty of the vase!

 I love everything about the vase. It's pretty when you fill it, but I really loved it empty too! When I first received it, I put it in my china cabinet because I didn't want my little one to break it. I think I'll keep it on display when not in use. It's too pretty to put away! I also loved the fact that it didn't seem thin of fragile.

The vase is pure, lead-free glass that’s handblown and shaped by master artisans. Each piece contains slight variations that make them unique. The optic twist detail captures and casts light creating an impossibly beautiful display of its contents, whether floral arrangement or sentimental objects. It's also available in two sizes! If you haven't shopped at Simon Pearce, I hope you'll visit their site and see what they have to offer!

Disclosure: I received a vase for review. A favorable review was not required.

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