Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Culinary Institute of America

I never thought I'd get excited over a peeler. I mean really. What's to love? Apparently a lot! I recently received three wonderful items from The Culinary Institute of America. I NEVER thought the peeler would be my favorite. This peeler has an ergonomically designed handle that makes peeling ten pounds of potatoes an absolute delight. I kid you not. I hated peeling potatoes with my other peelers and I couldn't stand peeling more than a few. My hands would cramp if I attempted to peel more than a few pounds. Maybe it's the novelty of a new item and that's why I'm enjoying it so much. There has to be something to it though because it is no longer a chore that "pains" me. When my package arrived, even my husband couldn't keep his hands off the beautiful peeler. It really is nice to look at. It's like the Porsche of the peelers. Fortunately, it doesn't come with a Porsche price tag. It can be yours for $11! The only thing that could make it better is an automatic peeler that did all the work on it's own!
I also received 12" Locking Tongs. I needed these! The spring had sprung in my old tongs so they didn't work well. These tongs are well made and the perfect size for the kitchen or grill. They are very comfortable to hold and the locking feature is nice. They "feel" so much better in my hand and I have enjoyed using them. They are a far cry from my cheap tongs that broke after a few months of use. At $32 they are a little on the pricey side, BUT you get what you pay for and these tongs feel like they will be in great working order for years to come.
I can't believe this isn't my favorite of the three. That peeler ruined it for this knife, which I expected to be my favorite when I was told it was being sent. My new Santoku Knife arrived in a nice box and I was impressed as soon as I opened it. I have a collection of high end knives that I spent a small fortune on about ten years ago. I was never completely happy with them, but I continued to use them because I couldn't afford to replace them. After using this knife, I think I need to start putting money aside and buy a set! I've used this knife exclusively since it arrived because I love it so much! I've used it to slice bread, fruit, grilled cheese sandwiches, chickens and a roast, and veggies. It has a perfect edge and it's beautifully balanced. My cutting board has remained on my counter since it arrived. I will use any excuse to use this knife. I'll admit, I've even used it to cut a slice of butter for toast. Check out The Culinary Institute of America! They've got great gadgets, knives, and cookware!
Disclosure: Products were sent for this review. A favorable review or mention was not required.

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