Thursday, December 13, 2012

“A Bottle Of Perfume In Every Candle”

 Every year, I order holiday candles and scented sprays for the house. I usually receive a few to review here on my blog, which makes me really happy! Thanks to those reviews, I've discovered new loves along the way! The holidays are my favorite time of the year. I enjoy the holiday music and scents (actually, I enjoy them year round) and I can't help but stock up on them! Recently, I found Trapp Candles during my online searches. They are not a new company, but I've never ordered them. When I have so many options, it can take me a while to get to them all! I reached out to them and they sent me their seasonal candles just in time for the holidays!
 When they arrived, I eagerly opened the box and then my kids gathered in the living room so we could take turns sniffing each candle. I grabbed the White Fir Candle first. After sniffing it, I grabbed my lighter. It was the first candle I lit and it didn't take long for my house to smell like a Christmas Tree! I have a real tree and this smelled like the tree lot where I bought mine. My tree still smells pretty good, but the scent has faded. This candle almost seemed to bring it to life and if I hid it, I know everyone would think it was my tree that smelled so amazing! It wasn't overpowering and the scent filled my living room and dining room within half an hour. It is a special scent, and it captures the most popular scent (in my opinion) of the holidays so well. I love the smell of fresh cut trees! I've burned my candle a few days and I am pleased with how long it has lasted. I have another two or three days left, and I burn them all day long! There is a 50 burn time on each! The candles burn clean and I haven't noticed smoke or build up on the wick. The candle also burns evenly in the glass cup. Hearth is my second favorite scent and I think it's a great fall and winter scent. I think I'm going to burn it next! Lemon Sugar Cookie would be great year round. It's sweet, citrus scent is great for the kitchen! Christmas is wonderful too, although it's not exactly what I expected. I still love it, but I don't really like cinnamon so that may be why I did light it first. It has spiced raisin and gingerbread scent that compliments the cinnamon. It does smell like the holidays! Winter Air is definitely crisp! It smells clean, with a bit of the outdoors thrown in for good measure. Orange Clove smells like a good mulled wine heating on the stove. I love the strong scent of cloves during the holidays. I don't think it would be something I'd like year round though. I think I'll burn it the week of Christmas! Maybe I'll sip my mulled wine while it burns! Snowberry was a scent that I didn't like at first. For some reason, I couldn't stop going back to the box and smelling it. It really grew on me and it may be one of my favorites! It's funny how that happens. I enjoyed the berry and vanilla combination and I think I'll ring in the new year while it burns on my mantle!
You can find Trapp Candles online or at a location near you! There is a bottle of perfume in every candle. Some candles smell great, but when you burn them, they don't fill your room with fragrance. Some are too strong. Trapp Candles are just right! They are having an amazing promotion right now. If you buy 4, you get the 5th free!!! If you have teachers, mail carriers, or family to buy for, these candles are great gifts. They arrive in a pretty box ready to give or wrap! Check them out!
Disclosure: I recieved these candles in order to complete this review and mention.

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