Monday, November 12, 2012

Photo Gifts For The Holidays!

Every year, I put together photo books to share with my parents and mother-in-law. I usually do at least two photo books every year. If we take a special trip, I make another book because I love to share those moments with my family. Photo books are fun to create and personalize. I enjoy selecting photos and backgrounds, and I love picking the book style. I've made soft cover books but I prefer the photo books with hardcovers. They are much more durable, especially when placed in the hands of curious children! My youngest taught me that lesson a few months ago. It's nice to send photos to family and they (hopefully) appreciate having them already in a book. They don't have to deal with photo albums or loose pictures and I know they won't be stuck in a box in a closet with good intentions. My mom is still trying to find the time to put pictures from my childhood into an album she bought years ago! Photo books have a wide range of prices and I think they are one of my favorite gifts to give because almost anyone can afford to purchase them.


I think photo gifts are great because there are so many options!!! I have plans to make photo calenders to send out this year. I've never made one, but they look easy enough! I would also love to make a few photo mugs or cups for my kid's grandparents. Since my mother-in-law lives far away, she can't be here to see those candid moments I capture with photos. With photo gifts, she doesn't feel like she misses out everything. This year, I am looking forward to sharing memories with my family!  

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