Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Holiday Shopping! This Time I'm Shopping For Men's Clothing!

I have officially finished Christmas shopping! I actually finished a couple of weeks ago, but I keep adding to my gift list. I wish Christmas would hurry up and get here because if it doesn't, who knows how much more I'll end up with! My kids would be so proud of me this year! I didn't get them any clothes. That may change though. Christmas is still a few weeks away! It's not that they need new clothes, I just bought them each a few fall/winter outfits and new jackets. I just can't help myself. I spend all day online (because I'm a blogger) and every time I spot something cool, I save it in a file. How do I stop? I'm not really sure I can! My husband, on the other hand, could really use a few new items. He went shopping today after work to get men's clothes. He didn't bring back much, and he didn't seem thrilled with his purchase. I would love to surprise him with a few things. I know he likes my taste in clothes!
Because he works at the hospital, he doesn't need a lot of business or even business casual clothes. He likes to wear jeans and chinos. I've banned the color green because it is his favorite color and for a while, he only bought green shirts. That had to stop! My favorite color is blue, but I really like all colors as long as they are not green! So I guess I'll look at shirts and tees, maybe a few sweaters too. I like pullovers so he'll probably end up with a few! Maybe my search for men's clothing will occupy the few weeks we have left until Christmas. I tend to be picky when it comes to buying clothing for others, so I can take my time and not break the bank!

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