Saturday, October 6, 2012

Domino's PAN Pizza?

Domino’s Pizza debuted its brand new Handmade Pan Pizza, taking aim at offering the best tasting pan pizza available by giving customers what they have asked for: a crispy golden crust with a great buttery taste – and most importantly, handmade from fresh, never-frozen dough.
“There is a standard out there for pan pizza that we realized could be better,” said Patrick Doyle, Domino’s Pizza president and chief executive officer. “The reason most people buy a pan pizza is for the crust, and that key component should be fresh, never frozen. But what we think ultimately doesn't matter; I'd encourage customers to taste for themselves."
Domino’s is making a grand entrance into pan pizza – a category that makes up one in every five pizzas sold in the U.S. today. In addition to launching the product in all of its nearly 5,000 stores in the U.S., Domino’s began a national television campaign on Oct. 1 to promote its Handmade Pan Pizza. The campaign offers medium two-topping Handmade Pan Pizzas for $7.99 each, giving fans and consumers a value-inspired way to try it and see how it stacks up versus the pan pizza competition.
“We are proud of the way we have continued to expand and reinvent our menu, and it is safe to say Domino’s has not been this excited about a new product since the change to our hand-tossed pizza,” said Doyle. “Similar to that, the creation of our Handmade Pan Pizza has been driven by customers telling us how we can continue to improve and become the best.”
The golden crispy crust with a buttery taste is only the beginning of Domino’s Handmade Pan Pizza – as it also features two layers of cheese and toppings to the edge.
“The proof is in the tasting with this one, and we can’t wait for our fans and customers to give our new Handmade Pan Pizza a try,” said Doyle.
Domino's treated my family to dinner one night so we could try this new pan pizza. Before Domino's Pizza "changed" their recipes, I would buy pan pizza from another place. Now, my favorite is Domino's Ultimate Pepperoni Feast with a  foldable Brooklyn Style Crust. It's made with two layers of pepperoni sandwiched between cheeses made with 100% real mozzarella, Parmesan, Asiago, provolone and sprinkled with oregano. I was eager to try their pan pizza because they've gotten really great at change! So we picked up our pizza (I wish we lived closer and could take advantage of delivery!) and I struggled to make it home without eating a piece. It was hot and the car smelled divine! Instead of going home, we stopped by my brother's house. When he found out we had pizza, we had to share. So...I can honestly say, having to share is the worst thing I can think of when it comes to this pizza!
The crust is definitely the best part. Normally, I'd say the cheese is the best, but you've got to taste this crust! It's pretty light considering it's bread smothered with the best toppings imaginable! All of that flavor seeps into the bread and makes eating it one of life's greatest pleasures. And yes, I'm talking about Domino's!!! I never thought I'd be a Domino's Pizza fan. Before their big change, I had shunned them for years. Afterwards, well, I can't get enough! We also tried their Parmesan Bread Bites and they were really delicious. They are oven baked, bite-size breadsticks lightly sprinkled with Parmesan - Asiago cheese & seasoned with garlic and more Parmesan. I usually order breadsticks covered with cheese and even though I love them, the cheese from the pizza and the cheese from the breadsticks can be a bit much. These are light, and they don't sit heavy on my stomach. And yes, I popped a few on the way home! They are cheesy and I LOVE garlic! Have you tried Domino's Pizza lately? You should! Check out their new HOMEMADE Pan Pizza too!
Disclosure: Domino's Pizza provided a meal for this review. A favorable review was not required and only honest opinions were given.

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