Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Three Outdoor Activities that Children will Love!

If you are trying to think of new ways to entertain the children this summer, these three activities will help you to have heaps of family fun in the outdoors. Prizing your children away from the TV, video games and other indoor hobbies is easier said than done but these exciting new activities may just do the trick. 

Nature Journals
The great outdoors is home to many adventures and a lot of these activities can be done in your own backyard. Give your children a blank notebook and let them create nature journals that include the details of their day. Not only can they decorate their own journal they can glue in leaves and other items they find on their adventure. Create memories that you can look back on when they are older with a nature journal. 

Wildlife Watch
Another great idea is to put a bird house in your garden and welcome wildlife into your garden. This will entice a variety of animals including birds and squirrels. This can provide hours of fun and inspire them to use their journals regularly.

Bikes and Trikes
We all know how important it is for your child to stay fit and healthy and outdoor play is the perfect excuse to get physical. There are numerous options for parents who want to encourage their children to try activities outdoors. Bicycles, Trikes, Go Karts, Bike Trailers and Scooters are all great choices that kids will love. Find the perfect Croozer bike trailer at Action-kids.com.

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