Monday, September 17, 2012

Awesome Clothing For Kids!

Where do you go to find the coolest things for your kids? I usually shop at several stores and websites for children's clothes but I can never find everything I need at one place. I hate buying ten different shirts that only seem different because they are different colors. I usually don't even notice just how similar they are until I get home and take everything out of the bags. If I'm ordering online, I have the same problem. Only that can be much worse. I have to go through multiple checkouts, create user accounts for each site (then I forget all the passwords) and weeks later I watch my inbox get flooded with special from all of these different sites. I have a hard time keeping track of things! My youngest LOVES clothes! 
 I want my child to be unique and stand out! When shopping online for clothes, I enjoy browsing and shopping for a variety of other great gifts too. I'll often pick up a few things and put them away for birthdays and special occasions. It really helps as long as I can remember where I "hide" them when their birthdays come around!

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