Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Runway Red and Show Me The Way Foundation!

My interview with the Exec Director and title sponsor Charlene Bastien!

1. When did you become involved with Runway Red and Show Me The Way Foundation?
This will be African Pride DreamKids' 2nd year partnering with the Show Me The Way Foundation for the Runway Red Fashion Show. And we are so delighted to be a part of such a worthy cause again.

2. Can you tell my readers more about this wonderful production and how it will change lives?
The Runway Red Fashion Show was created to educate and garner support for youth affected/infected by HIV/AIDS.

3. How have you contributed to to this year's production?
Our contribution has increased significantly since the last year and we have some surprises in store for the audience and of course the children participating this year 

4. How has this cause touched or changed your life?
I have always been a major supporter of HIV/AIDS infected/affected families.  It is a disease that has impacted the African American Community for over 2 decades.  Loosing friends and family to this disease, I have learned the value of organziations that provide education, prevention methods and supportive services to families.  It should be incumbent upon all that want to see this epdiempic washed away get behind these organizations.   As such, Strength of Natures makers of African Pride Dream Kids is a corporate company which understands the need to be grass root.  To get involved with the communities that support our brands, it is important to know participate in activations that help the community.  I am truly delighted they too fell the need to support prevention, educational and supportive programs that strengthen and support the families/communities.  I wish more corporations would participate at this level as well. 

5. What are your goals for the show?
We want every child to know that no matter the adversity they face in life, they all have the right to dream and to embrace beauty inside and out.

6. What has been the biggest challenge planning this year's production?
Having an overwhelming number of people wanted to help, and judging what roles they can best play to grow the message of this event. 

7. For those not attending the show, how can we contribute to this wonderful cause?
Visit http://www.showmethewayfoundation.org/ to make a donation to this great organization and cause. 

8. Do you believe the kids involved understand the cause behind the show? What do you do to help them understand the cause behind the show?
Yes, definitely.  We want to ensure they know what the goal is of this event, and make sure they know thier participation is an act of giving.

9. Do you have plan for 2013's show?  Every year, the event itself dedictes what the plan for the future year will be.  Stay tuned.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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