Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cutting Up With FISKARS

 This year, we are doing more crafts in our homeschool and I wanted a great pair of scissors for each of my kids. Before I received my scissors from Fiskars, I bought Sam two pairs. They were both safety scissors. One pair only cuts paper and the other pair are the cheap plastic preschool scissors that many parents buy their preschoolers. I hate them both! I hate the pair that only cuts paper the most because it won't even cut paper!!! I wanted to do a little dance when I opened my box from Fiskars and found an assortment of scissors (and a ruler!) because I knew they would work well. The scissors are comfortable for both Logan and Sam. Sam is still learning to use scissors and I'll be honest, I have not let him practice as much as I planned. After he gave himself a second haircut (within a week of the first) I had to put his away where he wouldn't find them. He only uses his about once a week now! Logan has been using his often. We LOVE the designs on the handles. He loves his nonstick scissors because he can do so much more than ever before!
Our favorite pair, FISKARS Non-stick Blunt-tip Kids Scissors are:

  • Ideal for kids ages four and up
  • #1 teacher recommended brand
  • Colorful handle designs, available in three styles, make cutting fun for kids
  • Innovative safety-edge blade features a safer blade angle to protect kids while still cutting all classroom materials
  • Non-stick blade coating makes it easy to cut cleanly through materials with sticky adhesives like tape or glue
  • Blunt-tip blades provide added safety
  • Larger finger loop and an ergonomic thumb loop provide a natural, more comfortable fit for kids’ fingers
  • Accommodates right- and left-handed users
  • Length: 5"
  • Lifetime warranty
My kids are left handed and they didn't have any problem holding their scissors. They cut really smooth and even. Tape didn't stick to the blades. Even though they haven't cut through glue, I'm confident that they will have not problems with sticky glue sticking to the blade. They are a great value and will last! Buy them at Walmart-that's where we found them!

Disclosure: We received product in order to complete this review. Honest opinions shared and were not required for this review.

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