Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Celebrity Fantasy Draft, the Celebrity Magazine Fans Answer to Fantasy Football

I don't often follow gossip magazines or my favorite celebrities. I may want to now. Have you heard of Celebrity Fantasy Draft? You can come up with your very own dream team (ooohhhh Robert Pattinson, Mark Wahlberg) and compete with others for a chance to win!!! Instead of watching sporting events each week and drafting athletes to create the ultimate sports team, Celebrity Fantasy Draft players scan the pages of three national magazines: People, Us Weekly, and InTouch each week to draft super teams of celebrities. More than 2,000 celebrities are available to choose from, and stats, personal facts and more are provided to help players determine the top stars from the wannabes to compile their perfect teams. Celebrities are scored each week based on how they fared in published photos, and players’ scores are provided weekly to each league by Celebrity Fantasy Draft. Playing is easy, and provides hours of fun. Best of all, each league’s first season is free.

Celebrity Fantasy encourages friends, colleagues and/or families to get together to conduct a draft of celebrities to create their teams. Inspired by the fantasy sports phenomenon many sports fans have enjoyed, now those who enjoy following the daily activities of celebrities can use Celebrity Fantasy Draft for friendly competition within their league.

Here's how Celebrity Fantasy Draft works:

1. A League director logs on to www.celebrityfantasydraft.com. Each league’s first season is free, and each season thereafter is $20 per league.

2. The League Director creates a league profile, and emails invitations to his or her friends. Leagues can range from 2-20 people.

3. Each league holds a draft party, and initiates their own pool if they so choose. Each player within the league drafts a team containing five women, four men, one child under 13 years, and two alternates. Celebrities can only be drafted once in each league.

4. Points are accumulated each week to those celebrities pictured in People, InTouch and Us Weekly magazines. Points are allotted based on celebrities’ life events (pregnancy, engagements, arrests, etc.), and the number of times their pictures are featured within each magazine’s regular sections, with points differing based on section.

5. Each Monday, leagues receive an email routing them to weekly results, and each player’s standings within the league.

6. The smack-talk ensues.

7. Winners are announced after each two-month season. When the season is over, league directors can set a new draft and play again!

For more information, visit www.celebrityfantasydraft.com. Now, sit back and relax and let the games begin!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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