Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baby Nasal Vacuum That Parents Will Actually Love

Like most parents, you may struggle with what should be a simple exercise to clear your baby's blocked, sniffy and stuffy nose.
When Cape Town mum, Lucie Pavolovich came home with her first born she had no idea that this would be the bane of her and her infant child's existence…"My baby's blocked nose during colds had been a struggle for me. She couldn't sleep or breastfeed properly. Nasal drops did not help as her nose was full of mucous and the process of clearing the blockage was unbearable. I tried all the available devices I could buy but none of them worked fast enough or even at all".
"While complaining to a friend with children I was told about a device that is simply attached to a household vacuum cleaner and clears the blockage instantly, at first, I was horrified about using a anything that involved a vacuum cleaner, but I was determined to try it since it was medically approved and my friend was adamant that it worked wonders. So when the next cold came, I gave it a try.  Hallelujah!!! Amazing, it worked! My daughter's nose was unblocked in a few seconds without any drama or tears. It was so efficient and painless", she added.

While there are manual and battery operated nasal aspirators, there's even one that has you suck the mucous out of your baby's nose manually…Gross!
A better and most definitely safer and healthier method is the Mama for Baby Nasal Vacuum.
This baby nasal vacuum aid provides gentle suction but it is powerful enough to remove the mucus that is blocking your child's nasal passages. Your child will breathe more easily, sleep and eat better, and both you and your child will feel more relaxed. It is a device that is simple and easy to use and is a fast and effective way to clear stubborn and even dry mucous blockage.
Lucie adds…"I just had to make this product available to expecting mothers and parents with infants, forget about all those other things, I tried them all, I have a whole cupboard full of gadgets and gimmicks that simply don't do the job like the Mama for Baby Nasal Vacuum, my husband loves this product and has anointed it The Snot Cop, an appropriate name to say the least".
The Mama for Baby Nasal Vacuum was invented by a paediatrician, has been clinically tested and medically approved and is both safe and comfortable to use on children from birth to about age six when they are able to blow their nose by themselves.
I've had three (if you count the old-fashioned bulb syringe) nasal aspirators, including that horrid snot sucking device. I couldn't even attempt to use that one-YUCK! I just couldn't get passed the fact that I would the one sucking the snot. The other device was battery operated and featured disposable balloons that collected the mucus. It was great, but it could be a pain and you had to assemble it each time and you had to buy refills! Of the three I've used, this aspirator seems to be the easiest to use and the most efficient. Keep in mind that I didn't actually use this on a newborn (my kids are older) but after taking the time to "play" with it and get to know this device I'm sold. I am putting this in my "keepers" box just in case another Gerber Baby is born. Mama for Baby Nasal Vacuum and baby aspirator is now available online at www.babynasalvacuum.com and Amazon.com. All North America shipping is handled by a company based in Florida, USA.
South African mums and parents can get details and order online at www.mamaforbaby.co.za.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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