Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stop The Dew!

My kids take long, hot showers and they often "forget" to turn on the fan. When they are finished, everything is steamy and damp. My dad installed DewStop (it took him less than 10 minutes) and I don't worry about the kids and their forgetfulness anymore! The DewStop helps remove moisture producing mold from places where it lurks in your home. It’s perfect for the bathroom, the attic, the garage and even the sun room. The DewStop senses rising condensation levels and automatically turns on and off accordingly. The product eliminates running a fan needlessly and wasting energy. Best of all, it gets rid of that funky smell and keeps the people and items in your home at a comfortable temperature. The DewStop FS-100 is designed for elegance and performance. This model is for use with any residential fan our customers care to use. The Patent Pending sensor "Condensation Sentry" is at the top. The middle button turns on the fan and the bottom button turns off the fan manually. The sensor needs no maintenance and provides a lifetime of use. It's simple to use, just turn on or off the fan as needed. The fan control will turn off the fan for you after 30 minutes. The Condensation Sentry sensor will turn on the fan if condensation presents itself at wall accumulating levels. The sensor will bring the condensation level in the room back down and turn off the fan for you. So far, I am thrilled! It works well. My dad even said that he really wanted one! DewStop is a cool product! Order it now!

Disclosure: I received this product for review. Opinions expressed are mine and not influenced in any way.

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