Friday, May 4, 2012

Out With A Bang!

 My kids celebrated their birthday a few weeks ago and now that I'm looking back, I realize there's no way I can top this next year. We ended our celebration with a bang. A lot of bangs to be exact. Superior Fireworks sent me a fireworks show that was fit for a king. At least it was compared to the "usual" shows in our neighborhood!
 A semi truck delivered the goods one afternoon, soon after the order was submitted. I received two huge boxes and the delivery guy was nice enough to bring them in. I couldn't wait, so I tore into them to see what "real" fireworks looked like. My parents never bought fireworks growing up, and the only fireworks I've seen are those sold in wholesale clubs. You know, those packs with rockets and maybe a few ground effects?
 Boy, I knew I was in for a real treat when I saw huge wrapped boxes with fuses on the sides. Some were the size of a large cinder block, and they had multiple rounds. Some had close to or over 100 rounds! By rounds, I mean booms, and each boom meant something beautiful in the night sky!
 My husband set everything up an hour or two before our show. He has had plenty of experience in the past because he worked with a company in NY, putting on very large public and private shows! He was even impressed with the assortment sent for our backyard fireworks show! He used concrete boards and blocks, so we had a level surface. When it was time for the show, our guests set up their chairs. Between 9 and 9:30pm , the show began!
 I've never photographed fireworks and I found the fireworks setting on my camera after the show. I still managed to capture some of what we saw. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it all. Sometimes I was just in awe and forgot to capture the shot. Other times my reaction was a little delayed.
 Several times, we looked up and the entire sky was lit and twinkling above our heads. It was amazing! Our kids thought it was the best gift ever and the guests (and those that parked or walked to the front of our house to watch the show) thought it was awesome!
We received an assortment fromSuperior Fireworks, including:
snaps and sparklers (great to use before and after the show)
Symphony of Shots
Veterans Tribute
Fist Full of Power
Anger Management
Motion Maker
Cutting Edge Tubes
World Class Tubes
Magical Wizard
Smiling From Ear To Ear
Beyond The Glory
Roman Candle Assortment
Cutting Edge 1/2 Brick
Krazy Klock
High Ball
Fish Out of Water
Frog Prince
Riot Act
The Star Chamber
 We had a great time and we thought the fireworks sent were awesome! We watched YouTube videos to see what each product looked like after it was lit. We could find most of them online. My husband saved some of the larger ones for the finale, but he lit the rest randomly. The combination we were sent created a show that we all enjoyed. Since my husband took his time lighting them (although we never really had a break lasting longer than a minute) our show lasted more than twenty minutes. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. And our family and guests are still talking about it!!!
Disclosure:We were sent these products for review. No monetary compensation received. Please check the laws in your state before ordering! Look for another post recommending these for your July 4th fireworks show!

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