Friday, May 4, 2012

Give A New Mom Her Body Back (And A Happy Mother's Day) With The Cinch!

After having a baby, it's had to control your abs. I longed for a wrap to help me pull in my stomach and make me conscious of it throughout the day.  Next time (if there is a next time) I am going to order The Cinch. This would be the perfect Mother's Day gift for any new mom or mom-to-be! It also comes in a cute little package!
Getting Pre-Pregnancy Body Back is a Cinch for New Moms with The Cinch™ Tummy Wrap!  #1 Care Essential for New Moms and Charlene Williams, Veteran Expert on the Fine Art and Science of Abdominal Wrapping, Helps Moms Return to Their Pre-Baby Physiques. Every mother who’s given birth knows just how difficult it can be to get back into her pre-baby jeans. Now there’s a product that can help her fit into her skinny clothes faster without interrupting the time necessary to care for her new baby. The Cinch™, a medically-proven postpartum wrap that provides 360° compression, back support and added shape to the hips, works its magic to return the tummy to its normal toned, taut physique quickly and effectively. The only scientifically proven, fully-adjustable wrap specifically focusing on the tummy, The Cinch tummy wrap is available in two variations: the Signature Cinch for moms with newborns and the Couture Cinch for mothers with toddlers.In cultures throughout Europe and Asia, women know that firmly wrapping their abdominal area during the critical 8 weeks following delivery is essential to regaining their pre-pregnancy comfort and shape. That’s because pregnancy hormones remain active in the new mother during this timeframe. Wrapping and compressing the tummy encourages the area to contract and shrink rather than become accustomed to the stretched and enlarged pregnancy shape.The Cinch tummy wrap provides just the right amount of compression and can effectively help women recover their pre-pregnancy health and self-esteem. Made of super soft nylon-polyester spandex, the Cinch tummy wrap is comfortable and seamless under clothing and fully adjustable to ensure the perfect fit, even as the belly begins to shrink. By day, it works to retrain the abdominal muscles. By night, it transforms into a gentle hip shaper that helps support, enhance and tone the waist so new mothers can return to their healthy shape naturally and effortlessly. A 14-year veteran of the health industry and a nationally recognized expert on the fine art and science of post-partum wrapping and mother of three children, Charlene Williams designed The Cinch tummy wrap for all-day every day support and also developed a 9 month post-partum recovery plan to help new moms nurture themselves as they nurture their baby. The philosophy of the program is that “it takes nine months to nurture the growth of your baby, it should take 9 months to nurture your body back to a healthier you.” The Cinch has earned rave reviews from celebrity mothers, the media and medical professionals alike. Ob-gyn Dr. Connie H. is one such physician. “After 38 years of caring for pregnant women, I have seen so many bellies. Most women after their pregnancy have a hard time losing the baby weight. Their bellies tend to become saggy and have some appearance of stretch marks. On the contrary, I have noticed new moms who bind their bellies after pregnancy tend to have tighter bellies, fewer stretch marks and faster recovery. I have always recommended my patients to wrap their bellies after pregnancy. Many who follow my recommendations have remarkable results.”
About The Cinch™ -Specially designed by a national expert on the fine art and science of wrapping and the mother of three children, The Cinch motivates new moms to get back to their healthy shapes with a single wrap. The Cinch tummy wrap blends the beauty of the arts with scientific functionality to support, enhance and tone. The only adjustable tummy wrap that truly focuses on the stomach, The Cinch’s dual front panels and double-side wings tighten the abdominal muscles. To learn more about The Cinch tummy wrap and/or to purchase, please visit
Good news! Any mom’s who have used the Cinch for past pregnancies and now need a smaller size (because their tummy has shrunk) can “recycle” the larger size and help out a new mom who may not be able to afford a Cinch. Their old Cinch will be given to a new mom and they will receive a 50% discount on their purchase of another Cinch. This promo will be running through May. Now that's awesome!
Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, but any opinions are mine.

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