Friday, May 25, 2012

Certified Angus Beef Brand!

 A few weeks ago, Certified Angus Beef  Brand sent us their Cattlemen's Premium Collection. I've had mail order steaks before and they were great. These were even better. They arrived in fancy black and gold boxes and they were frozen solid. My husband couldn't resist commenting on how nice the boxes were. He never does that! These steaks would be a nice gift for a friend or family member and they would also make a nice company gift. Forget the turkey or ham, this is the way to win over anyone, as long as they like beef!
 Our package included a premium selection of four 12-oz. strip steaks, four 8-oz. filet mignons and four 10-oz. ribeyes. No matter which cut you prefer, each boasts the Certified Angus Beef ® brand's marbling and legendary mouthwatering flavor. The steaks were beautiful and bright red. They were generous in size and perfectly cut. I knew they would be good. I couldn't wait to try them!
one of each cut of steak
 We grilled them for a party and they were the most fork tender steaks I've ever had outside of a restaurant. And as far as restaurant steaks, only the Kobe steak I've had has been more tender. To tell the truth, when I took a bite of the Filet Mignon, I almost thought I was eating Kobe Beef. That's impressive. Not only were they premium cuts, they were bursting with natural flavor. I savored each and every bite, dreading that the experience would soon be over.
 I can always order more and have them delivered to my home. I can even pick these up in a supermarket or have them in a restaurant! Check here to see if they are available in your location! The prices are very reasonable if you are getting them delivered. I am definitely going to order more!
Disclosure: Steaks were provided for this review. Opinions are 100% mine and not influenced by Certified Angus Beef Brand in any way.

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