Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Celebrate Your Easter In Eco-Friendly Style!

It's Earth Month, so  consider celebrating Easter in eco-friendly style! Here are a few tips to treat your little ones to a green, healthy and happy Easter!

1. Make your own food dye for colored eggs: With the rampant rise of food dye allergies, families are looking for natural alternatives to commerical colorings made from dangerous chemicals that can harm our children’s bodies. Instead of purchasing natural food colorings at a grocery store, why not make your own? All you need is turmeric, beets, and spinach, and some spare time in the kitchen! See here for specific instructions on making your own eco-friendly, natural food coloring.  

2. Reuse your Easter baskets – You likely reuse your holiday stocking, so why not do the same with your children’s Easter basket? This will help cut down on waste year after year. While you’re at it, skip your purchase of plastic Easter grass. Instead re-use the shredded paper cuttings from your home office shredder.

3. Stock your Easter baskets with natural and organic candy - from companies that care about the environment. SunRidge Farms has been dedicated to providing authentic, natural and organic confections, snacks and trail mixes for the past 30 years. In addition, SunRidge Farms uses solar power for 30-40 percent of its energy needs, pays its employees $5 to ride their bikes to work to reduce car usage, and is sustainable in a number of other ways.

The below products might help make for a greener Easter:
All Natural Milk Chocolate Rainbow Drops – are natural chocolate candies that are free of both food dye and titanium dioxide. Green as can be, these delicious chocolate candies are colored with vegetable juice, and made with premium milk chocolate, real vanilla and pure cane sugar. Rainbow Drops are non-GMO, free of preservatives, hydrogenated oils, artificial ingredients and artificial colorings. They also happen to come in Easter-appropriate pastel hues.
Organic Jolly Beans - These tiny organic jelly beans are 100 percent vegetarian, gelatin-free and certified organic. Kids will love the succulent fruit flavors, and you’ll also love that they’re made with organic ingredients.
Organic Sunny Bears – a better-for-you cousin of the gummy bear, SunRidge Farms’ Sunny Bears are100 percent vegetarian, gelatin-free, and free of artificial flavors and colors. Sunny Bears come in bright, fruit-forward flavors – a sure crowd pleaser this Easter.

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