Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hunny Bunny...Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas!

If Easter has snuck up on you, no worries! You can still order a beautiful children's Easter Basket from La Bella Baskets! I've received a basket from this company before, and let me tell you, it arrived in perfect condition! Before I opened it, I did something you would never do to a package. I threw it, I shook it, and I dropped it. I did this to test the packaging. I hate getting a basket in the mail only to have to assemble it myself. Kind of defeats the purpose. When I opened my basket, everything was exactly where it was supposed to be. Nothing had shifted out of place and it was picture perfect! It was beautifully arranged! I was impressed with the approximate value of the contents compared to the online cost of the basket. This Easter, check out La Bella Baskets. One of our favorite basket designs, Hunny Bunny, is sweet and generously packed with treats! It contains games, putty, dough, silly string, poster paint, bubbles, chalk and all the yummy treats your child/children could want! The pink theme is darling and if I had a little girl, I would definitely want it for her! Goodness, I want one for myself! Find Gourmet Easter Baskets, Baskets for Kids, and Family Gift Baskets for Easter or any other special day!  If I wanted to send a basket to someone I love, or if I wanted to purchase Easter Baskets, I wouldn't hesitate to get mine from La Bella Baskets. For more, find this company on Facebook! See the newest arrivals and get inspired!
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