Monday, February 20, 2012

Saving With Frugal Dad

Every time I shop online, I open a search window (or two or three, which always annoys my husband) and I search for online coupon codes to reduce the actual amounts I will pay at various stores. I have been know to give my husband grief for failing to do this. We save so much money shopping with coupons! Often, I have more than one online checkout going at one time, and I'm searching in another window to find a great code or promo to seal the deal.  I am guilty of refusing to pay until I am sure I've found every way to save! I have a few favorite online sources for coupons, but recently I found another great source! My kids love Toys R Us and when I need a something special, I start looking early to make sure I get the perfect gift for them. I am not a last minute shopper, so I have time to wait for great coupons! Frugal Dad has toys r us savings and coupons from time to time and other great coupon codes too. I really enjoyed searching the site and found a lot of information and great ideas! Not only was it informative, it was also very entertaining too! In my free time, I love to sit back with a cup of hot tea and read a great blog. Reading Frugal Dad is quite the experience and I've added it to my favorites to check out again sometime soon. It is updated regularly with great tips and promos too. Frugal Dad shares tips on smart spending and other online promotions. My favorite post (if I had to pick just one) was "The 411 on Flower Etiquette." It was interesting and I was impressed with the fact that Frugal Dad actually did a lot of research for the post! Frugal Dad also took the time and posted those resources! I think it's a really credible site where I learned a lot while I really enjoyed the read! I think Frugal Dad appeals to both men and women too! If you are looking to save at Toys R Us and want a great coupon or promotional code, check out Frugal Dad first! If you don't find what you're looking for, keep reading or check back again soon! There are a few dad blogs that I read from time to time and this is definitely one to follow!

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