Thursday, February 16, 2012

College class

The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

This summer when my daughter was home from college, she was working a summer job and taking one class online from her school. Things are so different than they were when I was in school. In my day, we just went to the school and registered for the classes we were going to take. I think we did this by filling out paper forms. Then we paid our money with cash or a check. Then when classes started, we physically went to our classes on campus. With my daughter’s class this summer, she just had to get on our internet that we have through Internet Georgia, and did everything on her laptop in any room she felt like being in in our house. She never went to her school for the class, she never had to go hand in assignments, she didn’t have to show up for the tests, and she never even met her teacher. The only thing that was something physical that she touched was her computer. Her book was even online. She had to participate in online discussions that she had to post comments on. These all had to be done by certain days. Participation was part of the grade. Then she had certain days that she would have a timed test online. The test had to be done on the assigned day. Who knows where the teacher was that was running this class. The teacher was probably in his or her own home just like my daughter.

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