Monday, January 2, 2012

USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo and Book Fair

As parents are looking toward 2012 and setting their New Year’s resolutions for the family, it may be time to shake up the traditional family vacation and consider doing something more productive and educational with that precious family time. Rather than the usual trip to the beach or amusement park, consider taking the family to the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo and Book Fair hosted by Lockheed Martin — the nation’s largest celebration of science and engineering that will take place April 28-29, 2012 in Washington, D.C. The top 5 reasons why the Festival is a better choice than another trip to the beach or amusement park are:

There’s a ton of “wow” power that will engage the whole family as they explore everything from 3D environments to operating robots and flying simulated jet fighters, learning how they work and having the freedom to operate them – unlike a museum where everything is hands off. No one will be telling you, “I’m bored,” on this vacation, even if it rains. (See exhibits and stage shows.)

In addition to the Hollywood celebrities, the kids will be just as amazed to see science celebrities like astronauts, explorers, authors, entrepreneurs and the developers of their favorite video games.

The kids will be learning about science, technology, engineering and math without even realizing it; and they might just become inspired toward a future career path in one of the hot professions they see in action at the Festival’s Career Pavilion, job fair and college fair. Parents will be especially interested in learning about scholarships, internships, mentorships, after-school programs and citizen science programs that help keep that inspiration growing long after the Festival.

There’s no chance that the parents will be bored. Parents are welcome to get involved in hands-on demonstrations that will amaze them as much as the kids; and they’ll find plenty of interesting performers to fascinate them with their stories of scientific adventure and discovery, as well as comedy, music, theater, book signings and special evening events.

The entire festival is FREE! All the parents have to do is get there!
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