Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: The Sharper Image

My husband loves to use the grill (and smoker) and I love it too! It means I don't have to cook and I don't have to clean! But my husband does, since the grill is his domain. I don't like to stand over a grill and cook because I think a grill is icky and I don't like the idea of burning and scraping the grates and then cooking on them. Are they ever clean enough? I always wash my pots and pans in the kitchen sink and sanitize them in the dishwasher. I still eat my husband's grilled food because I can't resist, but I do avoid watching him cook! Recently I found a product that did more than scrape and I had to share! The Grill Daddy Grill Cleaner is the only grill brush that gets your grill restaurant clean with the power of steam. The Grill Daddy grill cleaning brush uses a powerful stream of sterilizing steam to melt away cooked on grease and charred foods. Just preheat your grill, fill the Grill Daddy Grill Cleaner with water and turn the switch for steam. The combination of steel bristles and sterilizing steam clean your grill like no ordinary grill brush or grill-cleaning tool ever will. Heavy duty aluminum alloy construction means it's built to last! It's great and it even comes with a replacement brush! Get yours at The Sharper Image. It's great for the outdoor cook that has it all, or at least, almost has it all!
Disclosure: I was sent product in order to complete this feature. No monetary compensation received.

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