Monday, September 5, 2011

Sundaes That Can Take The Heat!

 Perfectly Imperfect. Let me tell you, there was nothing imperfect about the wonderful Cake Pop Sundaes you sent for our baby shower! I love cake pops, and these were a little different from the cake pops I've reviewed in the past. Perfectly Imperfect's cake pops were decorated like little sundaes (in colors that went with our theme!) and they sat in a delicious handcrafted chocolate cup. If you like toppings as much as cake, these were made especially for you!
It was HOT when my cake pops arrived and I was afraid to open the box. I knew there had to be some melted chocolate and maybe a few toppings that had run off! This was not the case. They were shipped perfectly and I didn't have a single casualty! We received a few flavors to try. My favorite? Banana. The banana cake was moist and full of rich, homemade flavor. It was wonderful with the chocolate cup and all the toppings! I really enjoyed this spin on sundaes and my guests had fun trying them! They were unique and they would be perfect for any party, especially birthdays! They were so colorful too! I served them in cupcake liners and displayed them on a cupcake stand. The sundaes were generous in size, at least two or three bites each. They were not messy, which made them a perfect treat for children! Visit Perfectly Imperfect on Etsy and see what other perfectly imperfect treats she has to offer! 
Disclosure: I was sent an assortment of these delicious Cake Pop Sundaes for a very special baby shower. No monetary compensation received and honest opinions given.


Samual said...

Looking nice. Good presentation here. Over the years food presentation at restaurants has become a form of art that just keeps getting better and better as new chef’s emerge on the scene with their creativity.

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