Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gia Rose Boutique

When I began planning a baby shower, I knew I wanted a diaper cake. I had never been to a baby shower where anyone was gifted with a diaper cake, and I really wanted to see one up close. I always thought they were a wonderful gift idea because they add to the party decor and they are so useful after the baby arrives! I began my search and ended up on Etsy (I LOVE Etsy!) where I found Gia Rose Boutique. First of all, I looked at dozens of diaper cakes all over the web (some were pretty, some were not) and I expected a cake to be at least $75 if it was beautiful, based on my findings. When I saw the cakes (and prices) at Gia Rose Boutique, I thought there had to be some mistake!
 The cakes were gorgeous! They were also affordable. I couldn't believe it! I really couldn't believe it when the talented creator of those gorgeous cakes offered to send one for our special baby shower! When the diaper cake arrived, I marveled at how well it was packed. A lot of time went into all the details and it was perfect when I removed it from the box. I loved the different tiers and how well they all went together. The bottom tier was my favorite. I loved how the "cake" surround was laced in the back (like a corset) with thin ribbon. It was an elegant detail!
 The cake we received was trimmed in beautiful hair bows and clips, and there was even a stretchy headband surrounding the top tier! It contained travel size products and other newborn necessities. One of my favorite accessories had to he the newborn booties on top! They looked like little pink shoes!
I loved all the diaper cakes at Gia Rose Boutique including the precious diaper cake shown below! If you are looking for cute gift  items, check out these awesome bow holders! They are perfect for hair accessories like these! You'll also find affordable tutus, beanies, shoes, and towel cakes! Her products are well made and she obviously puts a lot of thought into each and every one. Check her out and see for yourself!
Disclosure: I was sent a diaper cake for a very special baby shower. No monetary compensation received. Honest opinions given.

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