Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Old Fashioned Fudge Takes Me Back!

I love fudge and I would be as big as a house if I could make it. For some reason, I can't. Candy thermometers scare me. I have burned too many pots of chocolate and brittle because I think I can stop whisking for just a moment or two. I guess I am under the impression that if you don't stir cool air into your pot by constantly whisking, the temperature will rise faster and I can enjoy it (and stop whisking!) more quickly.  Even microwave fudge, which is supposed to be fool-proof can be ruined when I make it. Besides, microwave fudge will never be as good as fudge made the old fashioned way. When Theresa, the lovely candy maker from Terri's Sweet Treats Shop on Etsy, offered to make fudge for our very special baby shower I was THRILLED! I usually get fudge only at Christmas. This was a treat! The fudge arrived during our hottest month and it was in perfect condition. No gooey mess, just perfect old fashioned fudge in an assortment of flavors. Some of the flavors were not what I would have ordered, but I was excited to try them.
We received Rich Chocolate Fudge, which was one of my favorites. It had a richness that couldn't be beat. It was the perfect consistency and it melted in my mouth. It was creamy and smooth and it really made me remember the holidays of my youth. It's so rare that a simple bite of candy can overwhelm me with warm and fuzzy feelings! I also tried White Chocolate Pecan. I don't really like white chocolate, but this was really good. The pecans were very rich and buttery and I liked the combination of flavors.
The Maple Cashew was a flavor I dreaded trying. I don't really like full strength maple anything, and I was afraid this would be too much. It wasn't. It was milder than the old fashioned maple candy my mom let me try as a child. She loved that stuff and so did my grandmother, who always tried to give me a piece! There I go with my fond memories again! This fudge really takes me back to some of my sweetest moments! Chocolate Peppermint Stick was my favorite, hands down! It wasn't overly minty, and I didn't get peppermint stuck in my teeth, which I hate. I swear, I could eat buckets of it and never get tired of it. It is the perfect holiday fudge! I think it's also the perfect anytime fudge!
The Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge was a classic combination. It was the perfect amount of peanut bitter and it didn't overtake the chocolate. That kind of harmony doesn't happen that often. Terri's Sweet Treats Shop has perfected it! The Dark Chocolate Orange was okay, but I don't like chocolate and oranges together. At all! The fact that I could take a bite and not be grossed out says something (positive) and if you like the chocolate citrus combination like Logan (my oldest) does, then you will  (most likely) love every bite. I only took a nibble, so I can't honestly give you all the details, but Logan really thought it was wonderful. Terri's Sweet Treats Shop offers a creative assortment of flavors that are sure to give even the pickiest person those warm and fuzzy feelings I was talking about. You will either be reminded of something wonderful or you'll make new memories when the fudge takes you (and your tastebuds) to a special place. I think you'll get lucky and experience both!
Disclosure: I was sent an assortment of fudge to serve at a very special baby shower. No monetary compensation received.

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