Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Galaxy Desserts!

 I am always looking for beautiful desserts to serve at dinner parties or other events, like a recent baby shower I hosted. When searching, I am looking for inspiration for my own dishes. I love to bake! Some things are a little out of my comfort zone, like the gorgeous desserts from Galaxy Desserts! Galaxy Desserts sent me enough Mousse Duos to serve and they also sent a couple of sampler boxes so I could try their oh so delicious pastries!!!

 We were given the opportunity to try the Double Chocolate and their Raspberry Mousse Duos. My favorite? Double Chocolate Mousse Duos!!! They had three layers of some of the most decadent chocolate I've had. The bottom of each cup had a layer of rich dark chocolate mousse topped with a fluffy layer of milk chocolate mousse. Each shot of insanely rich chocolate was topped with white chocolate shavings! It wasn't so sweet it left you feeling sick afterwards, which was wonderful! I could seriously do shots all day long. The dessert itself didn't sit heavy on my stomach. I really enjoyed each bite and I wanted more! The Raspberry Lemon Mousse Duos were not as popular (I guess I know a lot of chocoholics) but they were really good! They tasted like they were made with real fruit! The tangy lemon complimented the sweet raspberry. It was a refreshing combination!
A few days before the party, I heated up my sampler box of pastries. They were such a treat! The mini butter croissants were crisp on the outside and soft and flaky inside. My tastebuds were blown away! The butter is intense and the pastry seemed to melt in my mouth. I didn't think it could get any better, but it did! The mini chocolate croissants are divine! I love chocolate and I love pastry. Combine the two and I am in trouble! Thankfully, these are minis, so I couldn't overdo it! I only wish they would make full size or supersize! The mini morning buns were devoured by Logan and Sam. I did take a small little bite, but I still had chocolate on my mind (and in my mouth) but I can tell you they were delicious! If you are planning a party or if you are like me, and enjoy pretty desserts, buy them all before I do! check out  Galaxy Desserts! Some of their desserts may look dainty, but they certainly pack a flavorful punch!
Galaxy Desserts is offering a tasty giveaway to my readers. One lucky reader will win an amazing prize pack! Look for the details soon!
 Disclosure: Mousse Duos were provided for our shower and sampler boxes were provided for personal use in order to complete this review. Future giveaway also provided by Galaxy Desserts. Galaxy Desserts will pick winner and contact them directly. Look for details soon! Honest opinions given and no monetary compensation received.

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heather said...

I liked both of the mousse cups. The raspberry one was actually my favorite! The chocolate one was pure yumminess, but the fruity one at least made you think you were eating healthy ;) It can't be bad for you; it's fruit!