Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Cake: The Sweetest Edible Topper!

 When I found out I would be hosting a baby shower, I turned to Etsy for inspiration. For those of you who haven't heard of Etsy, it's a treasure trove of the greatest handmade items ever created. At least that's my opinion! I have always found the coolest products and sellers there and I haven't ever been disappointed. When I was looking for cake toppers on Etsy, I discovered Alla Prima Designs!
She sent me the sweetest edible cake topper I've ever seen! It was created just for me, with the colors I requested. It's delicate, but it survived shipping and it arrived in perfect condition. This topper can also be used as a keepsake if stored in a dry place, although the colors will fade over time. The night before the shower, my cousin came over to help me prepare. We had so much fun baking and decorating our cake! We made a two tiered cake and put the topper in place. It was darling, and we couldn't wait for our guests to arrive!
Each petal was hand painted and you could tell a lot of time (and love) went into making this piece. The adorable baby had golden hair and rounded cheeks. She had so many details that made her so realistic! When our guests arrived, they couldn't believe the cake was real! It was almost too pretty to eat!
Everyone ooohed and ahhhed over the topper and I knew it couldn't have been more perfect! This wonderful seller donates her time and many of her hand crafted items to STARRY- a program that supports single mothers in desperate situations in Round Rock, TX. Check her out and order a whimsical sugarcraft creation for your next party!

Disclosure: I was an adorable cake topper for our special baby shower. Honest opinions were given.

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