Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old Style Desserts!

This year, we had the chance to review two more great desserts from Old Style Desserts! All of their products are kosher certified and they can be shipped across the US! We received Autumn Flower Pastries and I couldn't wait to bite into one! I did wait, but only a few days. These delicious desserts are perfect for any chocolate lover. They are pretty pastries that are large enough for two people to share. Autumn Flower Pastries feature dense chocolate cake and rich chocolate ganache. The entire pastry is enrobed in thick chocolate and topped with a sculpted chocolate flower. They are incredibly rich and satisfying!
We also received a Chocolate Cream Pie. It didn't arrive picture perfect because the frozen whipped cream and chocolate chips were scattered all over the top. I tried to repair it (and because it was frozen it wasn't messy) and it turned out okay. After setting it out, it disappeared quickly! It is creamy and smooth and the rich chocolate custard hiding inside is a spectacular surprise for your tastebuds! It went fast, and the glorious chocolate cookie crust meant this pie was perfect, down to the last crumb! See their products here!

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