Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jekyll Island: Let's Have Some Fun!

Visit Jekyll Island, Georgia. There are things to do and things to see from one end of the island to the other and they are all easy to get to. There are several modes of transportation to consider. Travel by car and enjoy roads with little traffic, at least there was very little when we visited. You'll have no problem finding a place to park and you can get from point A to B quickly. Just don't get caught up in the detours! One areas of the island is under construction. Another mode of transportation are these little Red Bugs! They are electric and they can be rented for two hours, twenty-four hours, or five days! Around the island, there are charging stations to keep you moving!  These little "GEMs" were popular with guests! With rental prices a little steep for some pockets, you always hop on a bike and follow the crowds!
If you don't bring your own bike, you can rent one on the island. Rent one from several spots, including Fun Wheel Rentals. They offer many styles of bikes and they have child seats and trailers too! If you need beach toys or gear, you can also get it there! Bicycles seemed to be the most popular mode of transportation!
Now that you know how to get  around, let me tell you some of the things we did! We went on a Sunset Dolphin Cruise. It was by far, the most entertaining evening I've had in some time. I know we were lucky. After meeting our Captain and his lovely "Admiral" we couldn't stop smiling! Check them out on Facebook too!
Captain Adam and his wife Jamie took us out for an amazing trip. Landmarks were pointed out and we were told stories about some of these places as we cruised along! We did see dolphins on several occasions. After a beautiful tour looking for dolphins, our Captain dropped a net and we waited to find out what we would catch.
Jamie filled a bucket for "our catch" and we patiently waited. When the net was brought up, we watched in awe as the creatures were placed in the bucket and then passed, one by one, through the boat. It was a real educational opportunity for us all! Logan was able to participate and he had a blast carrying some of the finds through the boat for everyone to see!
Captain Adam and Jamie also took turns showing us some of the Georgia wildlife! The cruise was informative and fun, and it was laced with humor from start to finish! They made you feel at home on the roomy boat.  Check out these pictures!
 The sunset was magical. We all snapped plenty of pictures and enjoyed the remainder of the trip, wishing it would last a little longer than it did. When it was over, we left with new friends. Thank you Jamie and Adam for showing us a different side of Jekyll Island! I highly recommend your tour!
For those of you with your own boats, there is a public boat ramp (pictured below) with parking and a picnic table with a wonderful view.
For those of you wanting to get out and experience it all, check out 4-H Tidelands Nature Center. Rent a canoe or kayak, walk the trails, or fish in the saltwater pond. They have a small exhibit area complete with touch tanks!
We were given a canoe rental and we spent an hour paddling across the pond and back. You might see crab, jumping fish, and maybe a few alligators. We didn't see any alligators so I was a little afraid they were lurking beneath the water. That was a little scary. With four people in a skinny canoe, and two of them rocking it, it gets a little hairy. I spent most of my time white knuckling the sides of the canoe and the rest of the time mumbling threats. I knew we would flip. It was just a matter of time. Lucky for us, I ended the trip early and saved us all from becoming gator bait.
We had a great view of the water park from the middle of the pond. It was closed when we went, but I heard it would be reopening for the summer soon. It looked like a great place to cool off! Logan wanted to go and I know he would have had a blast! Maybe next time!
We also visited the Georgia Sea Turtle Center! Through sea turtle rehabilitation, research and education programs, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center increases awareness of habitat and wildlife conservation challenges, and they promote responsibility for ecosystem health and empower individuals to act locally, regionally, and globally to protect the environment. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a hospital for ill and injured sea turtles. They are the only hospital of its kind in the state of Georgia. The Center is open to the general public and offers an interactive Exhibit Gallery and Rehabilitation Pavilion with a number of viewable sea turtle patients. We spent a few hours learning about sea turtles and visiting "patients."
Logan and Sam watched Sea Oat swim around in the tank. Our guide was amazing and very knowledgeable. He gave us the scoop on all things turtle! Several people maximized our experience and made it even more fun! We were given the opportunity to watch several feedings (they are not all the same) and we watched several procedures in the operating room! Behind  The Scenes tours will give you a closer look at more critical patients and the facilities not usually seen from the main exhibit area. There are plenty of activities. Logan enjoyed a puzzle and Sam enjoyed helping a turtle cross the road!
We "became" turtles and visited different stations to determine our fate. We visited the "hospital" and saw several patients. We could read their progress reports and observe some of the treatments. It's a great interactive center and it's fun for the whole family. Visit them online and consider adopting a Sea Turtle! What's next? I hear they are considering turtle cams! Check out these pictures to see more!
A New Patient!

Weights To Help The Turtle Dive

We finished our vacation with a round of golf. Miniature golf! We had a lot of fun and Sam lasted about halfway through the game. After that, he was riding the dinosaur and then the horse, waiting for us to finish.
Before leaving Jekyll Island, we stopped at Whittle's Gift Shop. This gift shop had a lot to choose from. The best items were under the counter! Logan picked up a shark's mouth and Sam picked up a hat. They were friendly and very helpful, taking the time to educate Logan on the anatomy of a shark's mouth! They treasure their purchases and their time in Jekyll Island!
Disclosure: Activities were provided in exchange for this review. No monetary compensation received.

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