Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Manderin Cookie Company: Not Your Grandma's Cookie. They're Better!

For our birthday bash, we received the ultimate cookies! Why were they ultimate? Manderin Cookie Company took what everyone craves and tossed it all together in several cookie varieties. They're unlike anything I've ever tasted and I think the combinations are brilliant! These are not your grandma's cookies. They're better! Way better! Owner Amanda Nokes blended likely and somewhat unlikely combinations of this and that and somehow came out with perfect flavors and textures that leave you wanting more. They're quite addictive! Crazy Love is a crazy blend of sweetened coconut, smooth chunks of rich dark chocolate, and chips of buttery toffee. It's a tamer combination for those looking for a more traditional cookie. Snack Time With Beanie combines kettle chips, Whoppers, Gold Fish, Vanilla Oreos and butterscotch morsels. Yeah, you read that right. This quirky cookie has the potential to be an instant hit! My favorite cookie was the BeeRoo, starring peanut butter, bursts of gooey caramel and chocolate covered pretzels. They were perfect in every way and I'll admit to putting a few aside for later. I couldn't help it! The Max is a rich chocolate cocoa cookie made with big morsels of sweet milk chocolate and white chocolate. It was probably my second favorite. It was full of chips and they were evenly distributed throughout each cookie. Liddy Diddy is full of chocolate covered coffee beans and bits of toffee chips. It's a coffee lover's dream. JJ's Jubilee Oatmeal Raisin cookies are made to perfection and then perfected a touch more with bite size bursts of tart cherry sweetness. Chances are, Manderin Cookie Company has the cookie to alleviate your cravings. Just be sure to order enough. One bite will lead to a new craving and leave you wanting more!
Disclosure: I received 60 assorted cookies perfectly packaged (no cookies were harmed during shipping) for our birthday bash.

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Manda said...

Fantastic Review!!! Thank you so much for your order and I am so thrilled you liked? No, loved them!