Thursday, April 21, 2011

Party With Domino's!

Last year, Domino's went all out for our Birthday Bash. My kids were in heaven with all the pizza they could eat! It was the first time in about 15 years that I had eaten Domino's Pizza. After their seeing their new commercials featuring their new pizza recipe, I found my mouth watering every time I saw their pizza on TV! Was it as good as I hoped? No. It was even better!
This year, Domino's did it again and we had a party to remember! It was even better than the last! We tried their new Boneless Chicken and their BBQ, Sweet Mango Habanero, and Hot Wings. The Boneless Chicken was my favorite. Lightly breaded, they were flavorful and juicy! The boneless chicken is 100% breast meat, not made with parts. I could actually identify it as chicken! Dip yours in Kicker Hot Sauce, New Sweet Mango Habanero, BBQ, Ranch or Blue Cheese. I liked mine plain, but their tangy BBQ Sauce is also delicious!
OK, I couldn't resist taking a bite before snapping the photo. Can you blame me? Domino's Pizza ROCKS, and my eyes ROLL as I devour slice after slice! Everything about it is wonderful. The toppings are fresh and the top isn't greasy. The crust is out of this world!
 Logan's favorite food is pizza so this was a real treat for him. Sam loves it too, and he has learned to fold it like his dad, who was raised in NYC where everyone knows how to fold their pizza! Me, I eat mine with a fork, except when I get my hands on a Brooklyn Style Pizza from Domino's! It is my perfect pizza. The crust is just right!
 Our guests enjoyed quite the feast! With 10 pizzas with assorted crusts and toppings, everyone had a great time trying new things. We also received a huge assortment of wings that went so fast, several missed out because they wanted to save the best for last! Sorry guys!
The Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes....ahhhh let me tell you about them! They were warm when they arrived and I heated them up before serving. The liquid chocolate centers explode at first bite and you get this rush of thick chocolate fudge that  you must experience! The crunchy outside is very deceiving! What awaits inside is pure bliss!
 My husband picked our order up at the Sylvester, Georgia location. They are always friendly and the place is spotless every time we go in for a pick up! Thanks guys! Y'all did a terrific job! Our order was correct and perfectly cooked and nothing was forgotten. Everything was great! I seriously doubt I can top this next year.
Disclosure: Domino's sponsored our party in exchange for our opinion and this mention. No monetary compensation received.

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